Physics is a year-long course focused on motion, forces, energy, momentum, gravity, acoustic waves, and electromagnetism.

Daily Agenda Slides

Physics Q2 (Trimble 2020-21)


Physics Syllabus (Trimble 2020-21 CDL)

These are my copies of some recent lecture notes (newest at the top):

Notes 5.4 Orbit.pdf
Notes 5.2 Centripetal Force.pdf
Notes 4.3 Parabolic Motion.pdf
Notes 4.2 Projectile Motion.pdf
Notes 4.1 Inclined Planes.pdf
Notes 4.0 Modeling 2D Motion.pdf
Notes 3.2 Forces & Friction.pdf
Physics Study Guide for Test #2 (Trimble 2020-21)
Notes 3.1-4_ Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.pdf
Notes 2.7 Gravity.pdf
Notes 2.4-2.5 Acceleration.pdf
Notes 2.3 Instantaneous Velocity.pdf
Notes 2.2 Average Velocity.pdf
Notes 2.1 Position & Displacement.pdf

These are a few of my favorite videos about gravity:

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