Engineering & Robotics

Robotics Classes:

  • Engineering/Robotics 2 is offered at HRVHS in 2020/21 during Q1 and Q3.

  • Engineering/Robotics 1 is offered HRVHS in 2020/21 during Q2 and Q4.

  • Engineering/Robotics 2 focuses on FIRST Robotics Challenge robotics.

  • Engineering/Robotics 1 focuses on FIRST Tech Challenge robotics.

  • Robotics 1 is a prerequisite to Robotics 2.

  • Scroll down for more details on each class.

Robotics Teams:

  • FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) is our most advanced robotics program.

  • FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is our introductory robotics program.

    • We currently have nine FTC teams at HRVHS, with room to accommodate any student!

    • Steelhead #8176 -

    • Java #4412

    • Fission #7873

    • Glasses 1/2 full #5266

    • Mechanical Pandas #8169

    • MIG #7875

    • Mocha #4143

    • Thomas Gang #5267

    • Twinkle Toes #7874

Engineering/Robotics 2:

  • Robotics 2 is a course of independent study. Students will set weekly goals and track their progress towards those goals.

  • Students will use this structured time to work on their FRC and FTC projects as part of their FIRST robotics teams.

  • Most students will be expected to be a member of the First Robotics Challenge (FRC) team.

  • Announcements and assignments are posted daily in Google Classroom. (

  • Grades are posted in the Home Access Center grade book (HAC)

Engineering/Robotics 1:

  • Robotics 1 is currently under development and will begin in 2nd Quarter 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

The table below lists some marks you may see in the Home Access Center grade book:


The document can be printed from this webpage.
Robotics 2 Syllabus 2020-21 (Mr. Trimble)