• 8th grade Math Foundations B is a year-long course focused on the fundamentals of Algebra and Geometry, including linear functions, linear graphing, systems of equations, square roots, statistics, Pythagorean Theorem, and the use of geometry formulas.

  • I teach a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the Core Knowledge sequence and Common Core Math Standards.

  • Grades are posted regularly in Pinnacle Gradebook. To find your login information, click here.

Announcements and assignments are posted daily in Google Classroom.

Accessing Google Classroom:

  • Open the Google Classroom App on your iPad or use Google Chrome and navigate to

  • Type in this Google Classroom code: 8ohqxfu

Online math assignments are assigned weekly through Khan Academy.

Accessing Khan Academy Assignments:

  • Navigate to using a web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).

  • Choose "Login with Google" to login using your school email address provided by Corvallis School District.

  • Your Google login is :

  • Your Google password is a 0 followed by your student ID.

The Khan Academy system helps you and your teacher keep track of your learning progression.

Math Foundations students worked in groups on the first day of school to answer the question "Why do we study math?"This is what they came up with:


This syllabus should be signed and returned to Mr. Trimble.The document can be printed from this webpage.
Math Syllabus 2018-19 - Trimble - Class Expectations and Procedures