3D Printed Phone Case
Ideas and Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials to guide your thinking. I can't guarantee that everything in these videos will work with our version of Fusion360 or our 3D Printers. In the end, you must
engineer your own solution!

First, measure and model your phone using the first 10 minutes of this video:Do not follow his directions after 10 minutes because he is describing how to model a flexible rubber case, not a rigid case like the ones we can make in class.

Instead of shelling the phone, instead try the case design shown in the next video below "How to Model an iPhone X Case..."

Once you have a phone model, you can use this tutorial to make your case:

When you hit the step at 3:13 where you model the edge of the case, consider using the offset took to give your case a 0.2-0.5 mm offset from the phone. You may have to iterate your prints to get this right.

Below are some other videos I haven't tried yet...