Groot the Bearded Dragon

Groot the Bearded Dragon was my friendly classroom pet. She loved to be held and fed by students during class. Groot went home with a student in 2023.
Groot #2's birthday is Sep 1, 2019. 

Groot #2 baskin' in the glow:

Groot #2 prepping for a robotics tournament:

Groot loves Dubia roaches!

Groot is a bearded glutton:

Groot is usually pretty chill. She likes to hang out on tables and crawl around during class.

But sometimes she gets hungry goes crazy for some greens!

One student sculpted, fired, and glazed a ceramic replica of Groot for a project in AP Art:

Groot #2 the Bearded Dragon - Care Guide

Groot #2 laid 14 eggs on Sep 18, 2021

Watch out, she might end up on your head to get a better view!

Groot is the **queen** of chill...

This is Groot's favorite party trick:

The photos below are of Groot #1, born December 15, 2017, died  June 21, 2021. She was a good girl and she will be missed.

Groot was featured in the October 18th edition of HRV's video series What's Up in 2019. Groot arrives at 2:25 in the video:

Groot was featured by Pets in the Classroom back in 2019: