Groot the Bearded Dragon

Groot the Bearded Dragon is our friendly classroom pet. She loves to be held and fed by students during class.
Groot #2's birthday is Sep 1, 2019

Groot #2 baskin' in the glow

Groot #2 prepping her skills for a VEX robotics tournament

Groot #2 the Bearded Dragon - Care Guide

Groot #2 laid 14 eggs on Sep 18, 2021

The photos below are of Groot #1, born December 15, 2017, died June 21, 2021. She was a good girl and she will be missed.

Groot was featured in the October 18th edition of HRV's video series What's Up in 2019. Groot arrives at 2:25 in the video:

Groot was featured by Pets in the Classroom back in 2019: