Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

  • 8th grade STEM is a year-long course focused on providing students with hands-on experiences in robotics, coding, design, and engineering.

  • This STEM course provides unique student-centered experiences that supplement core Science and Math classes.

  • Grades are posted regularly in Pinnacle Gradebook. To find your Pinnacle login information, click here.

Announcements and assignments are posted daily in Google Classroom.

Accessing Google Classroom:

  • Open the Google Classroom App on your iPad or use Google Chrome and navigate to

  • STEM A meets on Monday and Wednesdays. STEM B meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      • Type in this Google Classroom code for STEM A: j8xv9w6

      • Type in this Google Classroom code for STEM B: b9vht85


Our STEM class will start with a hands-on introductory computer coding unit using Bluetooth Sphero robots.


Our STEM class will include several months of computer coding with the Swift programming language on the iPads.

TI-Innovator Rover

In the spring, STEM students will use the TI-BASIC coding language to program TI-Innovator Rovers.