8th Grade

Science Notebook - Table of Contents - 2019

Students complete daily classwork in their spiral-bound Science Notebooks:

  • We maintain a common table of contents.

  • Page numbers may vary between students.

  • Each notebook assignment receives a Stamp of Approval when complete.

  • Stamps add up to a notebook grade at the end of each unit.

  • Click on an Assignment title in the adjacent spreadsheet to view the slides or printouts.

  • Paper copies of all past assignments are available in an organized file bin in the back of our classroom.

This embedded Google Slides document contains photos of our weekly schedule:

Trimble Teaching Schedule 2018-19

Announcements and assignments are posted daily in Google Classroom.

Accessing Google Classroom:

  • Open the Google Classroom App on your iPad or use Google Chrome and navigate to

  • Type in your Google Classroom code:

    • 1st Period is v0136qr

    • 2nd Period is ge8sew

Accessing our digital science curriculum:

  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to

  • Choose "Login with Google" to login using your school email address provided by Corvallis School District.

    • Your Google login is :

    • Your Google password is a 0 followed by your student ID.

  • Choose "Science", then choose our current unit, then the chapter, then the lesson of the day.

    • Homework is the last activity of each lesson, unless there is no homework for that lesson.


This syllabus should be signed and returned to Mr. Trimble.The document can be printed from this webpage.
Science Syllabus 2018-19 - Trimble - Class Expectations and Procedures