Physical Science Archive 17/18

Course Overview: Physical Science is a required, introductory class designed to increase students’ understanding of the process of science. We will study physics (1st semester) and chemistry (2nd semester) and how they relate to natural, physical phenomena on Earth and in our universe.

Science Starters: These daily warm-up questions are projected on the screen at the beginning of class. We review the answers to the science starter after 5 minutes of class. Science Starters are posted weekly in Google Classroom. They are to be completed on lined notebook paper and turned in to the basket each Friday in class. You are responsible for all Science Starters even if you are absent.

Cornell Notes: Lectures are associated with numbered Cornell Notes. Lecture slides can be found in Google Classroom and printed copies are located in the classroom in the red Interactive Notebook bin by the door. If you miss a lecture, you are responsible for getting the Cornell Notes from a friend or from the slides on Google Classroom.

Interactive Science Notebooks (INB): Interactive notebooks are an AVID strategy used to explicitly teach organization skills and hold students accountable for taking Cornell Notes and keeping a table of contents. These notebooks are 10% of the semester grade. Students use class time to "close out" our Cornell notes by writing a focused summary and 2-3 study questions. I stamp students' notes in class when they are complete. Regular notebook checks are used to turn stamps into a notebook grade in Pinnacle.

Assignments: All assignments are posted as documents in Google Classroom and printed copies are located in the classroom in the green Assignments bin by the door. If you cannot make it to class to pick up a paper copy, you can print the assignment at the library or at home and turn it in when you return to class. Due dates are listed in Google Classroom.

Late Work: Late work receives half-credit unless arrangements are made with Mr. Trimble before the due date.